The Lincoln Mentoring Programme is a comprehensive and ready-to-use downloadable resource for schools and colleges that gives you everything you need to create a really successful student mentoring programme. It comes to you as a fully customisable 342 page handbook.

A new and different mentoring resource, uniquely adaptable for your school

“Very thorough, really well thought out and with more than enough resources on which to build a complete mentoring programme.”

Jennifer McMillan Lead Practitioner, Harris Academy Greenwich, Eltham

“A brilliant programme with absolutely loads of resources. Expert advice but down to earth. Really good value for the money”

Alison Sayer, Mentor Lead, The Sixth Form College, Solihull

“Exceptional resources and everything we needed to get started – with advice that is actually useful! Worth every penny. Thank you…”.

Jackie Blake, English Mentor, Deansgate Community School, York

Making your Mentoring work

The purpose of the Lincoln Mentoring Programme is to make your mentoring work. The handbook is a rich resource base on which you can build a successful scheme. But it’s much more than that. It’s a structured step-by-step programme, the fruit of a number of mentoring research projects conducted in several schools with the precise aim of identifying the key factors that make mentoring schemes really successful.

What’s in it?

Advice how-to-buy-imageHere you will find out how to plan your programme, select the mentors and mentees, organize their training, devise a mentoring timetable, manage record-keeping and monitor and evaluate progress. Amongst other things it will show you how to:

  • implement the Seven Steps to Success
  • write a mentoring policy for your school or college
  • set good goals and targets for your programme
  • get senior management support
  • decide how many mentors and mentees you can manage
  • organize and present the training for mentors and mentees
  • choose the best times and places for mentoring
  • deal with common problems that arise in mentoring
  • create and keep links with parents
  • carry out final evaluations of the mentoring period

Documentation You will find in it a range of ready-to-use templates and examples that includes: information letters to staff and to parents, programme leaflets for students and parents, parental response letters, notes to mentees about their meetings, mentor self-evaluation sheets, training and meeting record sheets, final certificates for mentors and mentees and final evaluations for mentors, mentees and parents. All of this is customisable by you for your own school or college. Training The programme gives you everything you will need to train your mentors. There’s a structured mentor training scheme to use with interactive and varied activities. It’s training that challenges mentors while helping them to develop new skills, particularly in coaching. The three modules of training include:

  • building mentor confidence
  • skills in coaching
  • differences between coaching, advising and helping
  • active listening
  • supporting and challenging mentees
  • effective questioning techniques and good question sequencing
  • setting good goals and targets
  • the crucial importance of evidence
  • the language of choice and responsibility
  • managing the mentoring meeting

What’s special about it?

The downloaded file you receive on purchase will contain the complete handbook in both Word and PDF formats. It also contains the PowerPoint slides, again all customisable, for your training sessions, with both mentors and mentees. You can copy, change and amend the resources to suit the circumstances and needs of your own school or college.

For example you can:

  • change the wording and add your school name and mentor names to the letters to parents
  • personalise messages to mentees on the templates provided
  • edit all the details on the mentor meeting record sheets
  • add your own photographs to circulars and personalise the mentoring certificates
  • add, omit or redesign the PowerPoint training slides
  • reword the evaluation questionnaires
  • insert your own targets into the Mentoring Policy template
  • change the dates and events on the Mentoring Calendar template
  • rearrange the graphics and activities in the mentee training file
  • adapt all the extensive training resources and activities to suit the needs of your programme

In short, you start with a programme which is complete, comprehensive and ready to use – but you can change anything and everything in it to suit you!

programmeCan I have a look at it?

Yes, just click on the link below to find 62 pages of excerpts from the programme, starting with a complete list of contents. These excerpts are selected from various sections of the handbook to give you a good idea of just what the Lincoln Mentoring Programme can offer you. When you buy the complete programme you can use it on-screen (it is hyperlinked and colour-coded throughout) and also print out all the hard copy materials you want for yourself and your mentors and mentees.



The Lincoln Mentoring Programme excerpts:

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The Author

The Lincoln Mentoring ProgrammeChris Bray is an educational trainer and consultant specializing in the coaching and mentoring of teachers and students. Having started his career in Kent as a history teacher he subsequently held senior leadership positions in several secondary schools in Nottinghamshire, Humberside and Lincolnshire. He has coached and mentored school leaders, teachers and support staff on national programmes and local educational issues. He has designed mentoring schemes for schools, trained cohorts of teachers and students in mentoring and has acted as guide and adviser to school coaching and mentoring programmes as they have been developed and implemented.

“Mentoring can be a uniquely positive, indeed life-changing, process for students. But there is a common problem that often arises with mentoring schemes: they simply do not last. They begin with optimism and worthy intentions but then falter and fade away without achieving what they set out to do. This is a great pity. This handbook has been written with the express intention of helping to remedy this problem. I hope very much that these resources will be of real use to you in building your own mentoring programme and so provide a successful and truly personalised learning experience for your students.” Chris Bray, April 2015

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